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Brass is an alloy made using copper and zinc. Brass alloys are found in a variety of types depending upon the proportions of zinc and copper. The amounts of zinc and copper also give it varying mechanical and electrical properties. Brass is used in decoration owing to its bright gold-like colouration. Addition of lead to brass enhances its machinability.

Brass is generally used in low-friction applications such as locks, gears, doorknobs, ammunition, casings, valves and bearings. Brass has a higher malleability when compared to bronze and zinc. The high malleability and corrosion resistance also makes it usable in many applications. Brass is generally used for applications where sparking may cause damage. It is also highly usable in applications in which high workability and durability is demanded. Corrosion resistant brass is also known as DZR brasses and are used in applications where high corrosion resistance is required. DZR brass is used in water boiler systems due to its durability. It is also known to prevent bio-fouling and hence has been used for centuries for such applications.