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Aluminium 2014 Pipes

Aluminium 2014 pipes are made of a material which is an alloy of aluminium and copper. These pipes are composed of 92.5% aluminium and 7.5% copper, and the resulting alloy, known as high-strength aluminium-copper CLAD, creates long-lasting, durable structures with excellent tensile strength. This alloy is named 2014 due to the alloying elements having percentages that land within a range that produces superior qualities than their components. These pipes are resistant to stress corrosion cracking, making them ideal for applications in harsh environments. Aluminium 2014 pipes, therefore, have one of the most reliable and sturdy compositions of any type of pipe currently available.

Aluminium 2014 pipes are incredibly useful and versatile. They have a strong tensile strength while being lightweight, making them ideal for applications that require the pipe to remain lightweight yet sturdy and durable. These pipes are so strong that they can even be used in aircraft construction! Additionally, 2014 aluminium pipes are resistant to corrosion, which can survive in tough conditions that could potentially damage other materials. Finally, they can even resist extreme temperatures, with some types able to inhabit temperatures up to 300 degrees Celsius. Their flexibility and convenience make them widely used in industry, construction, architecture and engineering fields.

FAQ's for Aluminium 2014 Pipes

Here are some physical properties of aluminum 2014 pipes:

  • Density: 2.78 g/cm^3
  • Melting point: 577°C
  • Young's modulus: 69 GPa
  • Thermal conductivity: 170 W/m-K

Here are some mechanical properties of aluminum 2014 pipes:

  • Ultimate tensile strength: 460 MPa
  • Yield strength: 345 MPa
  • Elongation at break: 8%

Aluminum 2014 has good corrosion resistance, but it is not as corrosion resistant as pure aluminum. It is an aluminum-copper alloy that is susceptible to corrosion in certain environments, particularly in the presence of salt water.

However, aluminum 2014 can be treated with various coatings and finishes to improve its corrosion resistance. For example, it can be anodized or painted to create a protective barrier between the metal and the environment. It can also be used in conjunction with other corrosion-resistant materials, such as stainless steel, to provide additional protection.

The Price Range For Aluminium 2014 pipes  Products Is ₹380 To ₹420 Per Kilogram


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