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Brass C27400 Nuts are composed primarily of copper (approximately 67%) and zinc (approximately 33%). Depending on the manufacturer, the alloy may also contain trace amounts of other elements like sulfur, phosphorus, and lead for increased strength.

Brass C27400 Hex Nuts offer excellent corrosion resistance, strength, and durability due to their composition of copper and zinc. They are often used in low-pressure applications that require service temperatures between -20°F and +400°F (-29°C to +204°C). The nuts can also be used in applications that require a low magnetic permeability and good electrical conductivity. Additionally, C27400 Brass Nuts have high ductility and formability which makes them ideal for cold-heading operations.

FAQ's for Brass C27400 Nuts

Brass C27400 Nuts Starts At Rs 13/Piece To Rs 18/Piece

No, Brass C27400 Nuts are not magnetic due to their low magnetic permeability. The alloy is composed primarily of copper and zinc which are both non-magnetic materials.

Yes, Brass C27400 Nuts are highly corrosion resistant due to their composition of copper and zinc. The alloy is considered to be more corrosion resistant than other similarly composed alloys making them ideal for use in low pressure applications with service temperatures between -20°F and +400°F (-29°C to +204°C).

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