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Monel 400 Washer is a highly versatile material, made of a combination of nickel and copper in proportions that often range from 67% to 70% nickel and 30% to 33% copper. It also contains small amounts of iron, manganese, carbon, silicon, and sulfur. While it has a strength and hardness that can exceed the capabilities of stainless steel or aluminium alloys on a weight basis, its low magnetic permeability lends it value in some specialized applications such as aerospace engineering, Monel 400 Washer is most beneficial for its overall toughness. This makes 400 Monel Washer strong enough for heavy use in marine environments or cryogenic temperatures and provides moderate corrosion resistance to mild acids and alkalis.

Monel 400 Washer is a super-alloy composed of nickel, copper and other metals and elements. This type of washer is renowned for its excellent corrosion resistance in aviation environments, industrial plants, and chemical processing applications. It also offers superior fatigue strength and good heat resistance. Due to their corrosion and heat-resistant properties, Monel 400 Washer are engineered to perform at high temperatures without compromising their structural integrity or efficacy. Additionally, the washers are more durable than many other stainless steel alloys. Furthermore, they can be welded easily, making them useful for onsite installation. So whether you need a versatile washer that can handle extreme temperatures or corrosive environments, Monel 400 Washer are a solid choice that won't disappoint you.

FAQ's for Monel 400 Washer

Monel 400 Washers are used in a variety of applications such as chemical processing, petroleum refining, food and beverage processing and more due to their excellent corrosion resistance, high strength and ability to handle extreme temperatures.

Monel 400 Washers are typically available in sizes ranging from #4 (M4) through 1-1⁄4” (M32).

Monel 400 offers outstanding corrosion resistance even under high temperature or pressure conditions and can maintain its strength at elevated temperatures. In addition, it has good weldability and fabricability which makes it easy to work with.

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