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Phosphor Bronze C51000 Washer comprises several metals, including 68-73% copper and 0.7-2% phosphorus. The copper content makes the material conductive, while smaller amounts of aluminum, lead, and iron are added as hardeners to increase its strength and rigidity. The addition of tin increases its corrosion resistance and general performance. Nickel and zinc can also be present in varying levels, depending on the desired properties; this makes it a versatile material with great potential applications in engineering parts such as washers and other fastening components.

Phosphorous bronze washer C51000 is a type of copper-based alloy and is an excellent choice for electrical components that encounter a broad range of corrosion environments. It exhibits good corrosion resistance in marine, industrial and other atmospheres and can resist the salts, acids, oils, and greases often found in these areas. The addition of Phosphorus to this alloy dramatically increases its strength relative to other copper alloys, making it highly suitable for applications such as bolts, fasteners, connectors, or springs requiring superior tensile strength. Additionally, Phosphorous bronze C51000 washers have good electrical conductivity properties - both thermal and electrical – and are suitable for applications where an extended period of use at high voltage with more frequent transients is expected. Its machinability and formability characteristics make it easy to use, as additional components can easily be welded onto the part to meet specific requirements.

FAQ's for Phosphorous Bronze C51000 Washer

For those looking for Phosphorous Bronze C51000 Washers, the best place to find them is from any local hardware or industrial supply store. Customers can also purchase their washers online from reliable vendors such as McMaster-Carr, who provide high quality and competitively priced parts.

Phosphorus bronze C51000 washer is a great choice for those looking to add an environmentally friendly product to their repertoire. Such washers require little energy consumption while providing quality results - making them a win-win choice for earth-conscious consumers.

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