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C52100  Phosphorous bronze stud bolts are components used in many applications, ranging from automotive and aviation to marine and home construction. These fasteners are popular due to their excellent corrosion resistance, malleability and antifriction properties. The chemical composition of phosphorous bronze C52100 includes copper (96-97%), lead (1.0-2.5%), tin (2% max.), iron (0.5%) with trace amounts of zinc, manganese, and phosphorous levels of 0.3-.06%. The extensive alloying system allows these bolts to offer a notably high tensile strength of up to 58,000 psi and 51 ksi yield strength, making them an ideal choice for structural applications where these properties are critical factors. In addition to various other desirable properties, its combination makes it suitable for moist environments or with special pressure requirements.

Phosphorous Bronze C52100 Stud Bolts have many varied uses due to their superior structural integrity, resistance to corrosion and high-temperature tolerance. Commonly used in manufacturing electrical components and electronic instruments such as batteries and terminals, the stud bolts are also suitable for fittings, fixtures, fasteners and connectors. Structural applications are expanded with the superior torque strength in Phosphorus Bronze C52100 Stud Bolts, making them fit for use in high-stress areas, from marine industries to automotive engineering. Adding phosphorous to bronze resulted in increased mechanical properties such as wear resistance, flexibility and resilience, making this stud bolts an essential component in general manufacturing.

FAQ's for Phosphorous Bronze C52100 Stud Bolts

We offer a variety of threads and sizes for our Phosphorous Bronze C52100 Stud Bolts, including UNF-2A. Customized threads are available upon request.

Our Phosphorous Bronze C52100 Stud Bolts have a tensile strength of up to 11,000 psi and yield strength of up to 14,400 psi at room temperature.

The installation consists of several steps including marking, drilling, tapping, and bolting with wrench size appropriate for the bolts being used. For specific instructions please refer to our product manual or contact us for assistance.

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