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Silicon Bronze C65100 Screws have a unique chemical composition consisting of carbon (0.20-0.35%), phosphorus (0.10 max), Manganese (3/4% Max.), Silicon (2.80-3.60%), and Copper (Rest), respectively. This combination of elements creates a screw with excellent corrosion resistance in the salt air, industrial atmospheres, fresh water, and most food processing environments. Additionally, this alloy provides strength to the screws allowing it to be used in high-temperature applications and displaying impressive electrical conductivity properties. Silicon Bronze C65100 Screws are essential for various uses ranging from chemical plant equipment to marine grade fasteners due to their robust traits engineered in their chemical composition.

C65100 Silicon Bronze Screws are widely used in the production of ships, aerospace applications, and complex components for automobiles. This is due to their excellent mechanical and physical properties, such as superior resistance to oxidation and corrosion in marine environments and increased strength when exposed to high temperatures. Silicon Bronze C65100 Screws provide excellent tensile strength up to 79,000 psi and high shear strength properties. They also offer excellent electrical conductivity for power supplies and other electronic connections. Additionally, these screws are resistant to deformation or breaking when presented with multiple stress cycles or repetitive mechanical interactions throughout their lifespan. With their durability, versatility, and cost-effectiveness, Silicon Bronze C65100 Screws are an ideal choice for various industrial applications.

FAQ's for Silicon Bronze C65100 Screw

Silicon Bronze C65100 Screw Starts At Rs 20/Piece To Rs 35/Piece.

Yes, Silicon Bronze C65100 Screws are corrosion-resistant. In fact, many alloys of this type of bronze have excellent resistance to seawater and saltwater corrosion, making them a popular choice for marine applications. They also exhibit good resistance to atmospheric corrosion and oxidation; however, they may be susceptible to crevice attack in some environments.

No, Silicon Bronze C65100 Screws are not magnetic. This type of bronze comprises copper and silicon, with small amounts of manganese, iron, and zinc. These elements do not create the strong magnetic fields needed to make it a magnetically responsive material.

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