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The chemical composition of 310H stainless steel pipes is typically carbon 0.08, manganese 2.00, phosphorus 0.045, sulfur 0.030, chromium 24-26%, nickel 19-22%, and molybdenum 8%. This composition provided the essential elements for high corrosion resistance and increased strength at elevated temperatures. The combination of chromium and nickel also provides excellent formability characteristics. Additionally, 310H stainless steel pipe may contain small amounts of nitrogen, improving the material's overall strength.

310H SS pipe are typically used in high-temperature applications such as heat exchangers and boilers and for applications with higher corrosion resistance. It is also often used for gas turbine parts, industrial furnaces, welded components, and process piping. The oxidation and corrosion resistance of 310H stainless steel pipes makes them suitable for use in extreme conditions. They possess excellent mechanical strength, ductility, and good formability due to their high chromium content. Additionally, they are highly resistant to wear and tear and can handle temperature changes without being adversely affected.

FAQ's for Stainless Steel 310H Pipes

The Price Range For Stainless Steel 310H Pipes Products Is ₹600 To ₹700 Per Kilogram.

310H stainless steel is widely used in many industries due to its ability to withstand extremely high temperatures. Applications include heat exchangers, boilers, welded components, industrial furnaces, process piping, gas turbine parts, and more.

To ensure your 310H stainless steel pipes last as long as possible it's important to adhere to proper maintenance practices. This includes regularly inspecting for signs of corrosion or oxidation and taking preventative measures if needed. It's also important to avoid exposing the pipes too extreme temperatures for prolonged periods of time as this can weaken them over time.

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