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Zeron 100

Super Duplex Steel Zeron 100 bolt are known for their remarkable chemical composition, which sets them apart from other stainless steel materials. These bolts, primarily designed for high-performance engineering applications, exhibit a unique blend of elements that enhance strength, corrosion resistance, and durability. Mainly consisting of chromium (around 24-26%), molybdenum (approximately 3-5%), and nickel (about 6-8%), the alloy is further enriched with smaller percentages of nitrogen, manganese, silicon, carbon, and copper. This combination of elements yields superior mechanical and anti-corrosion properties, making Zeron 100 bolts a favoured choice in the oil and gas, petrochemical, and desalination industries. Additionally, the particular metallurgical structure of Super Duplex Steel Zeron 100 further contributes to its distinguishing features, such as exceptional resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion, unparalleled strength, and excellent fatigue resistance.

Super Duplex Steel Zeron 100 Bolts boast an impressive range of uses and properties that make them well-suited for various applications in diverse industries. With a unique combination of superior strength, corrosion resistance, and durability, these bolts provide an excellent solution for enterprises that require robust and reliable fastening components. Their exceptional resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion makes them perfect for applications in harsh, corrosive environments, such as offshore oil and gas exploration or petrochemical plants. Additionally, their high mechanical strength and fatigue resistance contribute to their capacity to withstand high pressures and extreme forces. This makes Super Duplex Steel Zeron 100 Bolts indispensable in mechanical and structural engineering and demanding industries like aerospace and defence. Furthermore, these high-performance bolts are also relatively easy to machine and weld, providing users with versatility and flexibility in designing intricate structures and systems. Overall, the outstanding properties of Super Duplex Steel Zeron 100 Bolts make them a reliable and efficient choice, able to support a broad range of applications and address various challenges across multiple industries.

FAQ's for Super Duplex Steel Zeron 100 Bolts

Super duplex steel Zeron 100 bolts come in a variety of sizes ranging from M2 up to M48 and lengths from 10mm up to 200mm. The most commonly used sizes are M6 and M20.

Super duplex steel Zeron 100 bolts are highly corrosion-resistant and offer excellent strength and fatigue properties, making them ideal for use in a wide range of applications including petrochemical, oil and gas production, pulp and paper processing, desalination plants, offshore platforms, water treatment systems, marine environments, nuclear power plants, and chemical processing.

The pressure rating of super duplex steel Zeron 100 bolts depends on their size but generally ranges between 900 MPa (130 ksi) and 2000 MPa (290 ksi).

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