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Tantalum R05200 Bars are a versatile material used in a variety of applications. They are corrosion-resistant, machinable, and robust, making them an ideal choice for medical and aerospace industries and chemical processing plants. Their formability allows them to be shaped into complex components without compromising strength or integrity. This makes them an excellent option for engineering projects requiring specific geometrical features, such as turbine blades with intricate patterns. As they can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environments, R05200 Tantalum Bars are also suitable for high-heat or pressure applications, like nuclear vessels and gas turbines. With all these advantageous properties combined, businesses seeking to improve efficiency will find that Tantalum R05200 Bars offer an excellent solution for their manufacturing needs.

Tantalum R05200 Bars are composed of 99.9% pure tantalum, a rare transition metal found in the fifth and sixth columns of the periodic table. Tantalum has a melting point of 3,000° Celsius and is renowned for its extreme corrosion and chemical erosion resistance. Additionally, its high melting point makes it ideal for applications that require stability at extremely high temperatures, such as parts of reactors used to power nuclear submarines. As a result of its unique properties, Tantalum R05200 Bars have several practical industrial uses, such as medical implants and aerospace components, due to their lightweight yet strength to resist stress on each material layer.

FAQ's for Tantalum R05200 Bars

Tantalum R05200 Bars Starts At Rs 150kg To Rs 150kg

The Harmonized System of Nomenclature (HSN) code for Tantalum R05200 Bars is 81089020.

No, Tantalum R05200 Bars are not magnetic due to their non-ferrous alloy composition.

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